On this page you will find what services I offer, and portfolio music and video examples. Please follow the social media links, if you would like to see more.

Services - Composing
Tired of Music Libraries? Even with a small budget I'll happily lend my services!
Services - Performance
Need a pianist? Get in touch!

I am a composer for hire. I offer music writing services for films, documentaries, video sketches, adverts or live events. Whatever your budget and what ever you are interested in, do get in touch and we can agree the fine details to suit both parties. Also if there is a piece of music in this portfolio, you would like to use for a project, again, get in touch.

I offer services as a performer and pianist. I can perform my own material or classical music at any venue, bar or coporate event. Maybe you're having a party and would like a pianist to entertain guests. Maybe you would like some recorded piano for a music track, I can record and send you a bounce. Feel free to enquire and let's see what we can do.  

*I did not work on Shutter Island, this re-score was apart of my Master's Portfolio*
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