Having learnt music from an early age, I've been teaching it since coming to the end of my university education. Having been taught up to post graduate level at university, I've had many positive and negative learning experiences. I know what it takes to play music, but I also know how to teach it positively, so children and adults can grow with a love for music of their own. 

I am DBS qualified.

I teach piano, composition, and music theory one to one in the Stockport and south Manchester area. I also teach school music tuition, from below GCSE to A Level. I am happy to provide lessons in my own home, at your home or even over Skype! I have had students take exams in ABRSM and LCM for Piano and Music Theory. I've loved watching them grow as students. Whether a child or adult, I believe anyone can learn to play the piano. I also love to teach composition, music production and improvisation, as sometimes sticking to exam boards isn't always what is best for a student.  

My Rates are: 

£15 for a half hour
£25 for an hour

*I usually add on a petrol fee, for mobile lessons. This is worked out with a distance calculator and to be agreed with the student*

I teach lessons up to a 10 mile radius from where I am based. 

piano lessons
As well as being mobile, I offer lessons over SKYPE!
I offer an introduction Lesson for FREE

It's important to take regular lessons to see improvement. If you are working on a small piece though, and would like some help, do get in touch. Let's see what we can accomplish together!

I cover all music exam boards including GCSE and A LEVEL Music Courses
Bored of Scales? I love technique and know other methods to improve it and make it fun
Whether you want to learn pop, classical or film music, I'll help you learn at a pace that suits you

Currently my register is full. Feel free to email me for local teacher recommendations.